Pea Spot Greyhound Cotton Jersey


Greyhound jersey with two front legs made from cotton jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastane) in a pretty spots print on a mint green background. This might be most suitable for girly greys (I think Jack felt a bit too feminine in this). The jersey fabric with plenty of stretch allows for good movement and comfort. The jerseys can be worn on those in-between days and nights when it’s not too cold or too warm or just to look oh-so stylish.

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Please note that this is a snug fitting item and even though the fabric has plenty of stretch it will need a dog that doesn’t mind having its front legs “handled”. They need to be lifted into the legs of the jersey and the whole jersey will fit snugly around the chest. It will be comfy to wear as the stretch allows for lots of movement but please bear this in mind when purchasing this item for your hound.

The jumper can be washed at a low temperature (30 degrees) but please don’t tumble dry.

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