How to Measure my Greyhound

Greyhound coats are sized according to the length of your dog from between the shoulder blades to the base of their tail. If you’d like the end to drop a bit lower, over their bum, add a couple of inches to the length of the coat you order.

For the pyjamas please measure from lowest point of neck (nape of neck, where neck curves into body) to top of tail.

How to measure a greyhound

If the size of coat you need is not listed on my page, this just means that I don’t have one in stock at the moment but I can make one to order so please drop me an email with your request or order the coat you’d like in any size and add a comment to your order explaining the change in size you would like. I will confirm your order and size. It will take me a little longer to make it first but I am usually able to get this done and dispatched in about a week.

Important: Please make sure you measure your dog correctly and accurately as I cannot take responsibility for an incorrect measurement. Once the coat has been made I cannot amend it and though I might be able to swap it for a different one, this is not a guarantee.

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