Spotted Greyhound Coat Blue


I’m a big fan of spots! This one is a darkish blue but I also make one in red which my own greyhound sports quite often and regularly gets an admiring comment. It’s a lovely soft fabric like most of my coats and I think a spotty, blue greyhound is, by default, a very handsome greyhound!

This coat has a velcro tie under the belly and I can make it with or without the turtle neck shown in the photos here.

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It’s a soft fabric which I double up so it has a lining. The measurement is the length from the base of the neck to the tail-end. Take a look at my how to measure my greyhound page if you’re not sure. I can make this coat with or without the turtle-neck pictured here. It slides over your dog’s head and then ties with the wide velcro strap under the belly.

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