Greyhound and Whippet Spotted Pyjamas


Let your greyhound (or whippet) be as comfy as Mikey on this picture with one of my greyhound pyjamas. The combination of bed plus warm pyjamas must be up there on the greyhound or mini greyhound heaven scale. If you don’t like the blue or would like something more girly, I can also make this in red or baby pink. Actually, the pyjamas can be made in any fleece fabric you can see in my shop.

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This greyhound or whippet onesie (or also called JimJams in our house) combine a bit of fun with practicality. They will keep your dog warm and cosy all over, while giving him or her that little bit of charm and style.

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Baby Blue Spot, Red Spot, Baby Pink Spot, Purple Spot


Greyhound, Whippet