Greyhound Reindeer Pyjamas


Ever thought your greyhound looks very cosy but probably only 85% cosy? How do we achieve that last 15% of potential cosiness you ask? Well, here’s the answer – Greyhound pyjamas! Naturally. This beautiful onesie is pretty festive but I love it. And if you’re not convinced by the reindeer and would like something a little less wintry, I can make this with any of the fleece you see on so drop me an email or chat me on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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This lovely onesie slides over your dog’s head and then they need to poke their paws through the legs. Unless your pooch is especially clever, they tend to need a bit of assistance but it is nice and easy. These pyjamas make me snicker but they certainly do stop the shivers!

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