Greyhound Coats

Home-made and custom coats from £21 in all sizes

Fanciful greyhound coats to help accentuate the beauty or disguise the ugliness of your beloved mutt. My coats are made from fleece and they are lined, so I like to think they’re nice and comfy. They tie around the dog’s belly with a wide, velcro strap so they are very easy to slip on and off over the head.

These are also perfect whippet coats or lurcher coats so, especially for whippet owners, if your dog is smaller than the sizes I have listed, please just get in touch and let me know how big he/she is and I can cut one to fit.

Dog Coats

If your dog has a slightly fuller figure, I can adapt my template to fit most breeds. I can widen the neck hole for example. Most breeds which aren’t so ‘pointy’ tend to prefer dog coats without the neck, but drop me an email to say what you’d like if you don’t see it here:

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  1. wendy.brampton January 31, 2019 at 4:34 pm Permalink

    I highly recommend Lena’s products. I ordered, with short notice and she turned the order round within a couple of days and the new pyjamas arrived in time for the birthday.
    (The owner’s birthday, not the dog.)
    we are all absolutely delighted with the service, the quality and the professionalism provided by Lena.
    Highly recommended